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Project COLORS celebrates its 10th birthday by inviting YOU to take on the ‘10 random acts of kindness’ challenge

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Project COLORS is a small humanitarian society based on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

So what is it that takes you from an idea….. into taking action?

       We all have our own views and thoughts when we see the heart wrenching  children’s aid programs on TV, or we drive past an injured animal on the road, walk past the empty Food Bank box in the grocery store, or see someone openly litter out of their car window.

So what is it that makes some people take action, while others do nothing?

In 2004 Sunyata Choyce, from Lawrencetown Beach, NS, decided to do something.  She was volunteering at an orphanage in South Africa along with Anke Bueshing from Germany. They were prompted to take action helping the children with more of their basic needs.

The 55 children were sharing two tooth brushes and each child had just one pair of underwear.  Sunyata and Anke knew that the quality of life for these children could be greatly improved with donations from people all over the world.   Project COLORS was then created to fundraise and to distribute items that would make life healthier and happier for the children.

The project soon grew….and grew…. and grew.

Project COLORS International is celebrating its 10th birthday by inviting YOU to take on 10 random acts of kindness this year by putting your own ideas into direct action.  Every day, each of us experience things we want to change. We have all encountered other people or even animals in need at some point of our lives. As an individual you may often think to yourself “But what can I do?” The real question should be “What WILL you do?”

This is how Project COLORS was born, a small NGO based in Lawrencetown Beach Nova Scotia, now spreading 10 years of aid worldwide.             Project COLORS has expanded from its humble beginnings and now works globally as people from all around the world have contributed to and partnered in its projects.

In countries like  Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Costa Rica and South Africa, pre-schools have been built,  youth have been sponsored to fulfil their dreams of education, small businesses have been created, immune boosting nutritional formulas have been distributed for toddlers, as well as clothing and shoes.  Plus First Aid kits and educational supplies have been distributed to schools in several countries.   Even street dogs have been rescued and provided homes throughout the world.

Project COLORS has a board of directors, but its main coordinator and Founding Director is Sunyata Choyce.  She has dedicated her last ten years to improving the lives of people and animals in several countries.  She believes in the ability of each of us to make a difference by putting our good thoughts into positive action.  Each of us has the ability to make a difference.

                So what is it that takes YOU…. from an IDEA ….into taking ACTION?

Over the years I have observed that projects that last are run by people who have a personal drive, heart and a passion to see their ideas and goals achieved despite all of the obstacles,”  says COLORS Director Sunyata Choyce.  She tells the story of an elderly South African grandmother who is a good example of this:

Meet Violet….A South African Xhosa grandmother in her 70s caring for over 50 children each day, while their family members (often single mothers) go to work.  Violet offers the children love, care, and shelter. With the help of family and friends donating small amounts of money, COLORS has added in a daily educational program for these children, training for their teachers, and dental/hygiene care.

Violet’s home has become a focal point as a soup kitchen and a daily nutritional program for the toddlers, which has been a pivotal movement in boosting the immune systems of children in Violet’s care.   By assisting Violet, a whole community has benefitted through the generosity of Project COLORS’ donors.

Edmund Burke is quoted as saying “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little”.

                Please remember: You do not need lots of time or money to make a difference! No matter where you are in the world, there is always something everyone can do to create positive change.   As we all know, helping the world can start at home.

YOU can make a difference by taking on challenges like the Project COLORS 10 Random Acts of Kindness challenge. You can try this by just slightly stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action on your own positive ideas.  It could be as simple as stopping for that injured animal on the road, donating a service to a silent auction, giving your old jackets to the refugee centre, shovelling snow in an elderly neighbour’s driveway, taking a sick friend to the doctor, sharing the vegetables in your garden, or packing toothbrushes, pens and pencils to give to a school when you travel to a Caribbean country.

You can also donate your money to worthy charities who are working hard to make the world a better, healthier place. By taking action on your own positive ideas…. you are becoming an agent of change. What better way to celebrate COLORS’ 10 years!   No matter what you choose to do, YOU can turn your small acts of kindness into your own humanitarian project!

Watch for a TV feature on Project COLORS debuting on East link magazine soon. To find out more about Project COLORS please see: